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Valley Oak Apartments

The Valley Oak Apartments project exhibits several innovations in both design and conservation efforts by Thomas R Butler, Inc.

To create a resort-style living concept, we built a substantial social room, weight room, and clubhouse, an original concept at the time. Additionally, we decided to tie the manager’s office into the clubhouse to facilitate interaction.

In an effort to conserve water, we implemented sub-metering. Also, the land for this project was home to several mature palm and oak trees. We built around the namesake oak trees and relocated the palm trees to the pool area. The final result is a very natural yet luxurious multi-family residence complex.

  • owner:
    Valley Oak Apartments, LLC
  • project location:
    1165 Hanford-Armona Rd., Lemoore CA
  • project size:
    73 Units
  • year built:
  • designer:
    Weber Iness Associates